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Fox-FM Radio Network - For the Good of Our Community!

Local radio once meant that a local broadcaster cared about the community served by their local radio station. On any given day or night, at any given time, you could turn on a radio and hear local news and information delivered in an entertaining and informative manner in such a way that the local radio station was, very literally, The Heartbeat of the Local Community. Whatever was happening, the local radio station set the pace!

Fox-FM is proud to still set the pace within the local communities that we serve! At Fox-FM, we go out of our way to gather, organize and deliver as much local news and information as we possibly can for the people of our local communities by and through our locally owned, locally programmed and locally managed Fox-FM local radio stations, 97.9 Fox-FM in Jackson, Alabama, 100.3 Fox-FM in Monroeville, Alabama and 101.9 Fox-FM in Jasper, Alabama.

Our Programming Philosophy:

Most people now see a local radio station as nothing more than "a big iPod that I can't control". They literally see a local radio station as a thing that randomly spews music, irritating commercials and vile and objectionable content out for all to hear who will listen.

At Fox-FM, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Fox-FM is something different! We remember a time when the words "entertaining" and "vulgar" were actually two completely separate things and when the true mark of a professional entertainer was to be able to entertain an audience (or an individual) without having to "shock" that audience with a never-ending barrage of vulgarities, loud and obnoxious noises and two (or more) clowns laughing ceaselessly at each other's nasty and horrible jokes.

Broadcast Tower

What We Do For Our Audience - The People of Our Community

Local News and Information

Local news is another of our Fox-FM specialties and, as anyone knows, local news is best when delivered in a manner that is fast, accurate and well presented while still maintaining a certain amount of common sense and dignity for those involved.

Local Severe Weather Coverage

When it comes to severe weather coverage, no one does it better than Fox-FM! We've proven this again and again within our community and, no doubt, we'll keep proving it into the foreseeable future.

Local Public Service

If it's happening within our community, Fox-FM is there! We're constantly reaching out to local schools, churches, community organizations and essentially anyone for news and information regarding local community events and happenings so that we can keep the people of our community fully informed of all local events and happenings.

Local Public Affairs

What's going on with our local city and county governments? What can we, as a community, do to be more involved within our community? What can we, as a community, do to make our community a better and safer place to live and within which to raise our children?

Fox-FM gets involved in these issues and more on a daily basis!

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