Our Vision

We remember a time when each city or town of any appreciable size had it's own local radio station which was, for all practical purposes, "The Heartbeat of the Community". If anything worthy of note was going on, you'd find out through the local radio station. The morning announcer was like a dear friend who would tell you everything you needed to know to start your day in a friendly, conversational manner with a few truly funny laughs thrown in for good measure. There were no "dirty jokes", several people laughing endlessly at borderline obscene humor that really isn't funny at all, rude comments about body parts and noises as the local announcer lived within the community and wasn't "piped-in" from far, far away.

We miss those days! And, we won't to bring them back again by bringing truly local radio back to our community!

Our Plan

We've been in the radio business long enough to know what to do as well as how to do it to bring life back to local radio within the communities which we serve. That's exactly what we plan to do!